Mould Heaters and Temperature Control Units

temperature-control-units ICS Cool Energy introduces their next generation of heater technology, the i-Temp oil and water thermoregulators and mould heaters. Offering powerful temperature regulation, direct cooling and modular design, the i-Temp range provides any process reliable temperature management. Capacities range from 9kW to 72kW with temperatures reaching up to 300°C as standard. Built to order, units can be tailor made to suit any process application.

These include:

• Electrical units up to 400kW
• Steam to fluid units up to 1600kW
• Atex Units
• Direct injection water and oil units
• Full Siemens PLC units

Working with a wide range of end users and OEMs, ICS Cool Energy has helped manufacturers in the plastics, food, rubber and chemical industries to maintain consistent temperatures and maximum productivity. Furthermore, the i-Temp features the C8 or C8 advanced controller which provides intelligent process analysis allowing for enhancing process quality control.

Find out more about the i-Temp temperature control unit range:
i-Temp ci & cd – direct and indirect cooling 95°C, 120°C, 140°C and 160°C
i-Temp wi – powerful temperature controllers in modular design 95°C, 140°C, 150°C and 160°C
i-Temp wd – modular temperature controllers with direct cooling 140°C and 150°C
i-Temp wh – water temperature controllers for high temperatures up to 200°C
i-Temp to/tt/th – heater transfer oil temperature controllers for highest demands 180°C, 300°C

Furthermore all units in the i-Temp range are available with the C8 advanced controller which offers features allowing for enhanced process quality control.

All ICS Cool Energy units are fully tested to meet all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations and performance ratios. Units and spare parts are available from stock, ready and available for delivery.

Discover our i-Temp Range

i-Temp CI and CD - Temperature Controllers

i-Temp wi - Water Process Heaters from ICS Cool Energy

water temperature control unit from ICS Cool Energy

i-Temp wh Pressurised Water Heater

Thermal Fluid Oil Heaters- I-temp to/tt/th

Download our i-Temp Brochures below:

i-temp Brochure

i-temp manifold with and temperature monitoring

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