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“We’ve had a good working relationship for about 25 years and the free cooling option give us what we need. Although it’s difficult to get a precise handle on energy savings and costs, annual savings of £20,000 is realistic,”

Eddie Rath, Managing Director, PrimePac

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Helping the multi-million production drive for automotives
Automotive industry

“We benchmark and quality check ICS Cool Energy and without fail, they come out on top. Their engineers are quite local to us so as and when we need a rapid on site response, it’s always prompt and that gives us peace of mind,”

Maintenance Manager, automotive industry

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“We’re working with temperature sensitive materials and tool temperatures up to 140°C so any deviations in temperatures can have a major impact on product quality. We will never compromise on anything less than perfection, so it was reassuring to know that ICS Cool Energy’s solutions are of the highest integrity and well proven,”

Giles Sutcliffe, Injection Mouldings Manager, Pektron

Beavertown Brewery

“We want to focus on the overall business and not have to worry if our vital temperature control is functioning correctly. So ICS Cool Energy is an ideal partner because of the service support,”

Jenn Merrick, Beavertown’s Head Brewer and Operations Manager

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Messier Bugatti-Dowty

“By streamlining our service with ICS Cool Energy, we’ve been really pleased with the support and results including a reduction in call-outs, improved machine up-time as well as some unexpected benefits,”

Maintenance Manager, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty

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BMI Healthcare

“We know the ICS Cool Energy team delivers successfully. The extra bonus was the professional and collaborative way they worked with our team here. It meant that the project was delivered on time, on budget and with minimal hassle,”

Mark Elphick, Project Manager, BMI Healthcare

Download the BMI Healthcare case study below

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