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Life Science Manufacturer & Medical Moulder Partner With ICS Cool Energy

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The Challenge An industry leading global life science manufacturer and high-end medical moulder was looking to improve the energy efficiency of the chiller plant across their facilities. Their chillers are needed to provide precise and consistent process temperatures to maintain product quality and lower wastage. The Solution Following a site visit to carry out a … Read more

Waste not want not with ICS Cool Energy

The Challenge Energy efficiency is at the heart of ICS Cool Energy’s temperature control solutions and that goes a step further with the hire division’s experience in setting up anaerobic digestion plants, that reduce the need for landfill and turn waste into energy. The Solution ICS Cool Energy’s hire division has extensive experience in designing … Read more

Chemical Production Cooling. It’s all in the planning

The Challenge ICS Cool Energy hire team’s chemical production cooling project planning skills were put to the test with a 1mW cooling solution for a large resin manufacturer in Middlesborough. It was so successful that the hire solution was in place for two years, covering the duration of the carefully planned maintenance programme and extended … Read more

Gas Plant cooling. Long term hire solution

The Challenge Gas Plant cooling. Essential cooling for a gas plant where gas is refined and condensed to fuel the National Grid needed a summer boost with an ICS Cool Energy individually-designed hire solution that met a series of complex needs and risk limitation. The Solution As an energy conscious organisation, the site uses three … Read more

Chemical testing Cooling using 50% less energy


The Challenge A global specialist in chemical solutions to improve quality of life and performance for industries including energy and environment now has an ICS Cool Energy high efficiency cooling solution that provides around 50% energy savings for its new chemical testing facility. The Solution In search of continuous performance improvements, a global chemical provider … Read more

Cooling for cosmetics the energy efficient way


The Challenge High speed cooling and a new temperature control system from ICS Cool Energy is helping an international brand leader to deliver the perfect organic cosmetic products to its 800-plus worldwide stores. The Solution An ageing chiller was struggling to cope with the demanding production process that needed accurate blending of the ingredients at … Read more

Short term cooling for diagnostics centre


The Challenge A faster than anticipated refurbishment of a medical company’s building meant that it was ready to occupy earlier than planned in the summer. But with the permanent temperature control system yet to be completed, an ICS Cool Energy temporary hire cooling solution provided the ideal answer to keep the vital biological samples intact. … Read more

Temperature control for biotechnology leader

close control temperature solution for a bio-reactor line

The Challenge A UK-based world-renowned leader in biotechnology needed to expand production and required a highly specialised, high integrity close control temperature control solution for a new bio-reactor line. The system also needed to meet rigorous industry and control standards which the ICS Cool Energy solution delivered. [show_gallery /] The Solution With extensive experience in … Read more

Energy savings of 50% for chemical test facility

ICS Cool Energy’s local engineer provided a complete turnkey service, with the design, installation and commissioning of the close control Ipsum unit.

The Challenge A worldwide chemical manufacturer has demanding specifications for temperature and humidity control in critical areas and a newly developed test facility needed some ‘joined up’ thinking. The new test chamber contains facilities to store, prepare and test fabrics and non-combustibles. Close control at a constant 19°C was vital as well as precise control … Read more