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Cold Store Hire Supports Camerons Brewery’s Festival Success

Efficient cold storage container from ICS Cool Energy ensures smooth beer service for Camerons Brewery. Camerons Brewery Ltd., the largest independent brewer in the North East of England, partnered with ICS Cool Energy to secure a reliable cold storage solution for a recent music festival, ensuring a smooth experience for both customers and the service … Read more

Neogen Safeguarding Diagnostic Test Kits with ICS Cool Energy’s Cold Store Containers

With a pressing need for enhancing their temperature-controlled space, Neogen EMEA,  a subsidiary of Neogen Corporation who provides the most comprehensive range of solutions for the food processing, animal protein and agriculture industries, sought a partner that could offer them a dependable storage solution for their diagnostic test kits. The Challenge Their Food Safety business … Read more

Side Stream Filtration For Food Manufacturer

Side stream filtration servicing case study

The Challenge A large food manufacturer was struggling with water quality through their main chilled water system. They noticed sediment build-up causing issues both within the chillers and process and needed to review their water treatment program. A full system flush was unfeasible due to the prolonged downtime required to complete it and the need … Read more

Cold stores ensure steady temperature for fermentation vessels at UK brewery

cold store brewery header image

The Challenge A leading international brewery was looking for an answer to their requirement to keep their reactor vessels in a reliable temperature-controlled environment. Maintaining a steady, constant temperature is crucial for breweries when it comes to storing beer ingredients, as they are sensitive to heat and temperature fluctuations. Preventing spoilage, preservation of flavour and … Read more

HFO-Based Centralised Cooling System To New Milk Processing Facility


The Challenge ICS Cool Energy completed a turnkey installation of a new process cooling system at a UK’s leading dairy processing plant. The new centralised installation will deliver 1.2MW of process cooling to serve two production areas and is based on three ICS Cool Energy Imperium chillers with a near zero global warming potential (GWP) … Read more

New Beer Bottling Line With High Capacity Process Cooling

ICS Cool Energy completed a successful installation of a new process cooling system at one of UK’s leading multinational breweries. The system will deliver 1.2MW of process cooling to the new beer bottling plant line and features ICS Cool Energy Imperium chiller with a near-zero global warming potential (GWP) R-1234ze refrigerant. For their latest expansion … Read more

Free-Cooler Helps Lower Operating Costs For P.D. Hook Hatcheries

The Challenge P.D. Hook Hatcheries is a family run business that has grown to become the UK’s largest independent hatchery capable of producing 9 million day old chicks and 6 million chickens a week. Due to the size of the operation and growth of company, the demands put on the temperature control equipment had increased … Read more


process cooling

The Challenge Food manufacturers and their processes are required to meet stringent hygiene and quality standards to ensure that the customers are kept safe and satisfied with their products. Manufacturing food products requires specialised equipment – often unique to each product line, that can deliver precise temperatures on the right schedule automatically. Imprecise and fluctuating … Read more

Hire Solution for Leaking Ammonia Chiller

The Challenge An ammonia chiller was leaking, affecting the cooling capacity and production at one of the sites of a leading UK food producer. Within hours of the call from the site’s engineering manager an ICS Cool Energy engineer was on site to assess what was needed, together with a precise delivery and installation plan … Read more

Sunday night emergency – fast fix for food production

The Challenge A super-fast reaction was needed when production of some of the nation’s favourite foods stopped as a result of the failure of the site’s installed chiller and the site’s team needed extra, expert help. An emergency call on a Sunday night put the ICS Cool Energy team on standby, with a full solution … Read more