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Updated: January 31, 2017

Chemical testing Cooling using 50% less energy

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The Challenge

A global specialist in chemical solutions to improve quality of life and performance for industries including energy and environment now has an ICS Cool Energy high efficiency cooling solution that provides around 50% energy savings for its new chemical testing facility.

The Solution

In search of continuous performance improvements, a global chemical provider now has an energy efficient cooling solution for its new testing facility, with remote monitoring for 24/7 access to the system’s operating data.

ICS Cool Energy’s local engineer provided a complete turnkey service with the design, installation and commissioning of a close control Ipsum unit fitted with a remote monitoring device. The monitoring provides access to a dedicated online portal so the exact, real time operating conditions can be monitored as an added reassurance.

The powerful Ipsum unit is one of a comprehensive range from ICS Cool Energy. It’s a versatile close control air conditioning product that offers the highest standards of cooling, complete with additional electric heating and humidification control while coping with high fluctuations in thermal loads.

  • Remote control, 24/7
  • Powerful Ipsum unit
  • 50% energy savings

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The Result

The inverter compressors on the Ipsum unit provide the ability to reduce the manufacturer’s energy consumption by as much as 50% when operating at partial loads. The EC fans come as standard throughout the range, providing high efficiency and significant cost savings compared with traditional air conditioning technology.

ICS Cool Energy said:
“Our dependable DX Ipsum unit provides thousands of businesses with control over humidity and temperatures which are particularly vital for this chemical testing application.

This solution ensures that the new testing facility is kept at a steady temperature as well as providing cost and energy savings long into the foreseeable future, putting them in the best possible position for future expansion.”

[testimonial name=”ICS Cool Energy”]”Our dependable DX Ipsum unit controls humidity and temperature which is vital for the critical chemical testing facility.”[/testimonial]

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