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Updated: December 14, 2022

Data Centre Uses Sustainable Heating Hire To Conduct Tier 3 Chiller Cooling Performance Tests

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The Challenge

A data centre customer needed to conduct a one month-long full-load test of their chillers to receive Tier 3 certification. Not being able to secure enough heat load from their operations, the data centre was looking for an external source of heat to conduct the necessary tests.

The Solution

Considering renting electric heaters, a traditional solution for chiller testing and commissioning, the customer reached out to the ICS Cool Energy hire team. After analysing the customer’s requirement and chiller set up, the team convinced the data centre to use heat -pumps instead of electric heaters, which would allow them to conduct the test using much less energy and saving money.

Two air-cooled chiller heat pumps with combined heating capacity of over 500kW were chosen for the project. The heat pump set up delivered hot water of 20°C to the chillers, while the chillers sent 14°C water to the system, which was enough for the cooling system to seamlessly pass the full-load test.

The Result

The estimated cost of power that would be used in this project by an electric heater of 500kW heating capacity and coefficient of performance (COP) of 1,94 was over 70% higher than the cost of energy used by the two heat pumps with COP of 3.5, equalling 10.1k GBP and 5.9k GBP respectively.

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Data centre cooling

Data centre cooling

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Your heat pump options

Your heat pump options

There is energy that is free in most industrial buildings as a result of heat produced by chillers used for cooling manufacturing processes and facilities. This heat can be recovered, harnessed and used to heat other industrial processes.

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