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Updated: November 20, 2019

Dependable Cooling For Ice Rinks

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The Challenge

ICS Cool Energy partnered with one of the UK’s leading temporary ice rink providers and offered ice rink chillers temperature control solutions they can depend upon. Time and time again ICS Cool Energy has provided the company with highly reliable chillers, which have helped them grow from strength to strength by providing chilled water/glycol to their ice rinks. As a seasonal ice rink company, the client only needs chillers for between 2 and 10 weeks of the year. The challenge was to provide a solution that would be ideal for their situation.

The Solution

Our ICS Cool Energy team were quick to jump in and save the day buy suggesting a short term hire solution. This allows the customer to not have the chillers sitting around for 9 months of the year and doesn’t require any space to store them. Typically the product used for a 400sqm ice rink is 3x iC660 154kW chillers (see below schematic) but ICS Cool Energy provided cooling for rinks ranging from 150sqm to 1500sqm too. The hire team installed the equipment in no time (including pipework which can be long as chillers need to be hidden away out of sight of consumers) and commissioned the chillers (make sure they work), providing a full turn-key solution the customer can always rely on.

The Result

Icescape were able to continue to use their own unique ice system specifically designed for its rapid deployment and quick-freezing properties. ICS Cool Energy chillers provide them with water/glycol, which is pumped through their pipe system that freezes water within contact over a short period of time. Once a layer of ice has formed, additional water is added until that layer freezes. This process is repeated until the combined layers are thick enough to provide a high-quality smooth skating surface. As this was able to be done efficiently, the company was able to guarantee the highest standard in skating experiences at their location to all their customers.

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Ice rink chiller hire

Ice rink chiller hire

Our dedicated team provides ice rink chiller hire solutions to over 120 projects across the UK and mainland Europe a year, providing units specifically designed for ice rink applications, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers. We can either manage the site in its entirety – providing an entire ice rink solution, without any further support needed from the location, or work with your existing equipment and partners to provide ice rink chillers suitable for your requirements. We have been in the industrial chiller market since 1989, giving us the knowledge we need to support your ice rink project from the ground up, from maintaining the chillers to an entire rink installation. <strong>Why use us as your ice rink chiller partner?</strong> We have experience in both working with event businesses to work with them to provide the chillers units and the maintenance support as well as managing ice rink projects outright without any additional support, meaning we can work with you no matter the scope of your project.

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