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Updated: December 20, 2016

Greener pastures for dairy farm

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The Challenge

One of the South’s most successful dairy farms specialising in high quality and environmentally friendly milk-based products has a greener method of temperature control with an ICS Cool Energy cooling system with heat recovery.

The Solution

It was essential that the solution helped to deliver a low carbon footprint as that’s a core philosophy of the business. An Aptus chiller with a 513kW heat recovery function met the brief, recovering heat that would otherwise be wasted and recycling that for other processes, delivering an all-round sustainable solution.

The Aptus chiller and heat pumps with scroll compressors provide a wide selection of capacities from 34kW – 885kW cooling and 35.8kW – 871kW heating for a variety of sites and applications.
Air and water cooled, they offer the highest level of quality manufacturing and have hermetic rotary scroll compressors for low noise emissions. There is also an integrated hydronic module which incorporates all the hydraulic components to optimise installation space, time and costs.

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The Result

Since the installation – which achieved its funding thanks to meeting the targeted return on investment within 18 months – further overall savings and efficiencies have been revealed.

ICS Cool Energy said: “Delivering the optimum and most effective system whatever the budget demands careful planning and an in-depth understanding of how the different component parts can work together. And then delivering the full project as a turnkey solution and after sales support which is difficult to match in the industry.

For this project, we used the latest A rated equipment, variable speed controls for the flow rates, using freely available resources and we made it work together with the existing business control system. In this case the bottom line result is a payback of around two years and impressive energy savings of about £200,000.”

[testimonial name=”ICS Cool Energy”]All sizes of dairy operations rely on our solutions which are designed to suit the individual needs of each business, often incorporating many aims in one.”[/testimonial]


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