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Updated: February 21, 2017

Chemical Production Cooling. It’s all in the planning

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The Challenge

ICS Cool Energy hire team’s chemical production cooling project planning skills were put to the test with a 1mW cooling solution for a large resin manufacturer in Middlesborough. It was so successful that the hire solution was in place for two years, covering the duration of the carefully planned maintenance programme and extended to help meet extra production demands as well as delivering a substantial reduction in energy costs.

The Solution

A project to provide cooling to an existing system during a planned maintenance project required an extensive set up programme and pre-planning. The ICS Cool Energy team worked with the customer to plan every detail of the project for minimum disruption to the site’s operations.

Enabling works included scaffolding and new pipework stab-ins before the large, high performance chiller was put to work. It included built-in redundancy and the latest capacity-control software to match the demanding and often variable load conditions produced by the resin manufacturing process.

For ease of use and management, remote monitoring was also installed so the system’s performance could be monitored from the central operations room some 200 metres away.


  • 1mW chiller
  • 2 Blitzer scroll compressors operating from 2 refrigeration circuits
  • Full package of run and standby pumps
  • 3,000 litre buffer tank
  • Remote monitoring

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The Result

“This was a major project providing cooling to an existing system during planned maintenance. It not only delivered the desired results for the duration of the works but the hire period was extended over a two-year period to help meet extra production needs due to an uplift in sales,” said one of our Sales Engineers.

The system’s design which included remote monitoring and the latest capacity control software to allow the chiller to match the process load as closely as possible also delivered energy savings.

“By closely matching the cooling system’s performance to the required process loads, it also helps to minimised energy wastage. The proof of this is that we helped deliver an 8% reduction in energy consumption which pleased us as well as the customer,” they added.


Hire solutions are available year-round and 24/7 covering emergencies as well as the longer term with affordable and practical solutions for businesses where downtime is not an option. Full maintenance and servicing is also included within the ICs Cool Energy system hire arrangement, providing added reassurance that equipment is maintained by industry experts.

[testimonial name=”ICS Cool Energy Sales Engineer, Hire “]”This project involved extensive pre-planning and enabling works. It delivered beyond expectations both in duration of the project and in energy savings.”[/testimonial]

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