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Updated: November 10, 2016

Temperature control for the nation’s favourite biscuits

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The Challenge

There’s nothing quite like a biscuit for the perfect tea break. For one major manufacturer with a heritage of over 100 years, the chocolate production process relied heavily on the plant’s central boiler to provide the hot water, via piping, to a line of jacketed vessels. But the boiler was increasingly inefficient – a sustainable, more controllable alternative was needed to improve the process consistency and capability.

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The Solution

Featuring PLC controls and localised monitoring, the T90t thermoregulator has proved the ideal solution for the chocolate heating processes. The T90t’s C7 Advanced controller offers full flow and pressure monitoring, delivering more stringent levels of control, while allowing for the recording and validation of working data.

Thanks to the T90t’s “plug and play” functionality and flexible castors, the thermoregulator was unboxed, installed and ready for cold or hot water supply without the need for the site disruption and downtime traditionally associated with the major integration of new systems and enhancements. And, T90t systems are situated locally to each jacketed vessel or associated pipework.

ICS Cool Energy’s solution provided:

  • Easier control of temperature variation
  • Minimising heat losses that the pre-existing boiler faced due to the hot water’s travel distance

The Result

The manufacturer’s Process Technologist said:
“The new thermoregulators have directly improved our processes through better control capabilities and vastly improved flow and temperature monitoring – I can confidently say the consistency of our chocolate is a million times better.

“Previously we had problems keeping chocolate to remain at a steady and reliable temperature, however with the T90t we can set our working limits and parameters stringently to ensure that consistent levels can be achieved in the face of any potential fluctuation or external changes.”

[testimonial name=”Dave Palmer ICS Cool Energy”]With our British built and designed T90t thermoregulators, the manufacturer has increased efficiencies from day one, putting the right systems in place to achieve a vastly higher standard.[/testimonial]

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