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Aktualisiert: November 10, 2016

I-Chiller in action for thermal spray company

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The Challenge

Specialising in advanced spray technology, a dynamic company operating in the Middle East and Europe needed a temperature control system for a thermal spray process which creates temperatures in excess of 1200°C. ICS Cool Energy delivered the high performance solution for the perfect end result and optimum performance.

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The Solution

A robust, energy-efficient solution was needed for the thermal spraying coating process which involves the use of a plasma or HVOF gas which delivers intense heat. The end products require consistent high quality as they are used in the automotive, space and aviation industries.

Following thorough assessments of each of the different system cooling requirements, ICS Cool Energy’s engineering team recommended a number of units, the largest of which being a powerful 96kW iC-535 chiller featuring process pumps capable of providing variable pressures up to 10 barG with the capacity to keep their process temperature where it needs to be. The new i-Chiller unit was able to provide a long term reliable solution which integrated fully with the end client’s equipment.

The Result

Following receipt of the cooling plant, the client commented; “We have had a long standing relationship with ICS Cool Energy, and as a worldwide supplier, we are always pleased with the reliability, flexibility and impressive lead time that we have been provided.”

ICS Cool Energy added, “We were very pleased to provide a cooling solution for this unique project. The spray device equipment is now effectively cooled, preventing it from overheating and ensuring the process is as stable as possible. Our range of powerful i-Chillers is at the leading edge, offering a higher standard of process cooling, providing reliable and consistent temperatures.”

[testimonial name=“Customer Comment“]As a worldwide supplier, we are always pleased with the reliability, flexibility and impressive lead time that ICS Cool Energy provides.


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