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Aktualisiert: Januar 30, 2017

Cooling for cosmetics the energy efficient way

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The Challenge

High speed cooling and a new temperature control system from ICS Cool Energy is helping an international brand leader to deliver the perfect organic cosmetic products to its 800-plus worldwide stores.

The Solution

An ageing chiller was struggling to cope with the demanding production process that needed accurate blending of the ingredients at closely controlled temperatures in large steam powered jacketed vessels. The ingredients are heated 90°C which breaks down the individual properties in the product and then rapid cooling to 20°C is needed to achieve the optimum consistency, texture and nutrient retention.

ICS Cool Energy’ turnkey solution is a 178kW air cooled chiller featuring the latest energy saving hermetic scroll compressors with the capacity to meet the required temperatures. Looking after the equipment is also left to the experts with ICS Cool Energy’s service team providing the planned, preventative maintenance programme.

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The Result

ICS Cool Energy’s temperature control solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of businesses, with special experience in the general manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The range of chillers includes the standard leader i-Chiller range with cooling capacities up to 230kW and the high power Imperium and Magnus chillers with up to 1600kW capacity.

ICS Cool Energy said:
“The existing chiller on site was unable to meet the demands of the current production volumes, which was putting the cosmetic company under an increasing amount of pressure to meet their production targets. Our powerful chiller will ensure they continue to maximise their energy efficient targets and environmental performance long into the foreseeable future.”

[testimonial name=“ICS Cool Energy“]“Our high power, energy efficient solution will deliver long system life and help this business meet its demanding quality standards.”[/testimonial]

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