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Aktualisiert: November 10, 2016

Critical laser cooling for sheet metal

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The Challenge

A specialist CNC turret punch press distributor providing quality tooling systems using an ‘all-in-one’ high speed laser cutting unit that also combines the ability to form, tap, bend and deburr needed a performance upgrade. With high levels of heat generated by the process, ICS Cool Energy provided the precise cooling solution.

The Solution

Following a detailed site survey and consultation with the ICS Cool Energy’s technical teams, a TAEevo 081/NF cooling system has been installed and commissioned.
With non-ferrous components and a chilled water process pump capable of 3 bar, water is fed through the laser oscillator, cooling the head back down to a suitable temperature and allowing for consistently high levels of operation to be achieved without the need for downtime.
Capable of extracting 26.4kW at the customer’s ambient conditions, the TAEevo chiller has also provided increased reliability and reduced running costs through its compliant scroll compressors, making it a quality alternative for their processes and minimising the risk of overheating.

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The Result

The Laser Punch Combination system is used for cutting and punching sheet metal, a fundamental part of all types of production from hinges and brackets to car bodies and aeronautical components.

Following the chiller’s installation, the company’s Managing Director commented “We’ve had a longstanding intercompany relationship with ICS Cool Energy and after 20 years of doing business together, we’re still very happy with everything. Their ability to provide aftersales, maintenance and service support was a big factor in why we chose them to be our preferred supplier.”

[stats_circle value=“100%“]Constant temperature[/stats_circle][stats_circle value=“100%“]Precision temperature[/stats_circle]

[testimonial name=“Managing Director“] Their ability to provide aftersales, maintenance and service support was a big factor in choosing ICS Cool Energy as our preferred supplier[/testimonial]

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