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Aktualisiert: November 10, 2016

Energy savings of 50% for chemical test facility

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The Challenge

A worldwide chemical manufacturer has demanding specifications for temperature and humidity control in critical areas and a newly developed test facility needed some ‘joined up’ thinking. The new test chamber contains facilities to store, prepare and test fabrics and non-combustibles. Close control at a constant 19°C was vital as well as precise control of the humidity levels.

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The Solution

ICS Cool Energy’s local engineer provided a complete turnkey service, with the design, installation and commissioning of the close control Ipsum unit. And it’s linked to a remote monitoring device to provide a dedicated online portal with 24/7 access so the operating conditions can be checked and monitored at any convenient time or according to established protocol and procedures.

Turnkey solution

  • Reduction of up to 50% in energy consumption
  • Remote monitoring of humidity and temperature
  • New Ipsum unit offering close control air conditioning with additional electric heating, humidification and dehumidifcation function

Product Selection

  • DX 7.5kW Ipsum unit
  • Dedicated online monitoring portal, 24/7
  • Precise temperature management that copes with high fluctuations in different thermal load conditions

The Result

The inverter compressors on the Ipsum unit can reduce the chemical manufacturer’s energy consumption by as much as 50% when operating at partial loads. The EC Fans come as standard throughout this collection providing high efficiency and significant cost savings compared with traditional air conditioning technology.

ICS Cool Energy said; “Our dependable DX Ipsum unit is able to control humidity and temperature condition, essential for critical chemical testing applications. This ensures the customer’s new internal testing facility is kept at a steady temperature, but also provide significant cost and energy savings long into the foreseeable future, putting them in the best possible position for further expansion.”

[testimonial name=“ICS Cool Energy“]Our future-proof solution ensures the customer’s new internal testing facility is kept at a steady temperature and gives cost and energy savings – the ideal position for further expansion.


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