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Aktualisiert: November 9, 2016

ICS Cool Energy’s lifesaving solutions for healthcare

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The Challenge

International market-leading temperature control specialist ICS Cool Energy has installed an innovative ‘life saving’ solution in a hospital as part of BMI Healthcare’s annual £40m facilities maintenance programme.

There were significant challenges; restricted space, bespoke designs, tight timelines, rigorous HTM-03, minimising downtime and ensuring the continued operation of one of the theatres at all times.

The Solution

ICS Cool Energy developed and project-managed the full solution from concept to completion. It required immaculate planning in partnership with BMI Healthcare as it was vital for the project to deliver a state of the art replacement for a life-expired system, while overcoming a complex series of technical and logistical issues.

To overcome the restricted working and plant room space, ICS Cool Energy’s three air handling units were delivered in flat packs and assembled on site.


• State of the art system replacement

• On-site assembly

• Phased, planned programme of works managed by ICS Cool Energy


• Energy efficient Aptus chiller, with low maintentance and a compact footprint

• New Trend BMS system, integrated controls

• Remote monitoring facility and full ICS Cool Energy Service Contract

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The Result

As the UK’s largest private hospital group, BMI Healthcare BMI Health Care LogoProject Manager Mark Elphick is interested in delivering quality systems that meet the rigorous healthcare standards and guidance for patient safety, while also achieving value for money.

“Operating theatres are one of the most sensitive environments in the hospital so the environment has to be precisely controlled. This means we need to be confident that our supplier will deliver every step of the way and the fact that the ICS Cool Energy team have proved themselves before, as well as being able to offer a full service contract, is very reassuring.” he said.

Work on site was completed within two months without any unexpected disruption, said Mark Elphick. “We know the ICS Cool Energy team deliver successfully. But the extra bonus was the professional and collaborative way they worked with our team here, it meant that the project was not only delivered on time, on budget, but also with minimal hassle,” he added.



[stats_circle value=“100%“]State of the Art[/stats_circle][stats_circle value=“100%“]Low Maintenance[/stats_circle][stats_circle value=“100%“]Compact Footprint[/stats_circle]

[testimonial name=“Mark Elphick, BMI Healthcare, project Manager, 2016″]Working closely with our teams, the project was delivered on time, on budget and with minimal hassle. [/testimonial]

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