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Aktualisiert: Dezember 20, 2016

Oil heating solves problem for coatings manufacturer

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The Challenge

A leading specialist coatings and corrosion prevention products manufacturer faced a surge of sales orders but their essential oil heaters for the process were proving a problem. A special ‘plug and play’ oil heater package from ICS Cool Energy and a full service solution now provides the vital back-up, minimising the impact of any system failure.

The Solution

The world-leading company uses a specialist oil heating process to heat bitumen to target operating temperatures of 165°C but had encountered furring, oil degradation and thermal shock problems with their existing oil heaters.

A back up solution that could be easily and rapidly installed for improved performance was required, to meet the increasing demand for the Middle East. ICS Cool Energy’s engineering team evaluated the process and provided a full solution.

  • iTemp tt100 27 skid mounted oil heater package, on castors
  • Fully welded design and built-in expansion tank, magnetically driven pump, shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Advanced PLC control for feedback on operating parameters
  • Service contract for preventative maintenance and servicing

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The Result

The result has been impressive.

The selection of ICS Cool Energy’s specially engineered solution is designed to deliver improved heat transfer thanks to an improved flow rate. The robust shell and tube heat exchanger also minimises the risk of split heat exchangers and oil contaminating the chilled water supply as a result of thermal shock that can quickly result in system downtime. The low wattage cm2 heating elements and sealed system also help to safeguard the condition of the heat transfer oil though the whole process for optimum heat transfer due to the elimination of oxygen contact.

“As we’re able to provide an extensive base of UK engineering support, this has given the customer great confidence in us as a supplier and ensures they have a local voice or pair of hands if required.

“Trying to handle their previous product issues with agents and being referred overseas had been a real headache for this customer so we’re very pleased to help remove that time-consuming and frustrating hassle.

[testimonial name=“Ben Young, Sales Engineer, Industrial Heaters“]As we have an extensive base of engineering support, our customer has real con dence in us as a supplier and overcome their previous problems.”[/testimonial]



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