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Aktualisiert: November 10, 2016

The perfect recipe for ready meals

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The Challenge

To deliver precise temperatures and dependable temperature control to help maintain product consistency, quality and taste for a leading ready-meals food manufacturer operating in a highly competitive £3 billion* market place. With rising product quality from premium retailers to contend with and large-scale energy consumption eating into profit margins, a more effective and efficient solution was needed.

(*The Grocer 2015 report)

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The Solution

Having worked with many food manufacturers in the past, we were able to utilize our knowledge of the sector and offer a consultative approach to find a solution based on the client’s requirements and on-site utilities and facilities. A full site survey was conducted and included reviewing the company’s aging temperature control plant, calculating flow rates and duties required.

It was decided that the best solution would be to run a fully packaged i-Chiller with a cooling capacity of 135kW, alongside an energy efficient 72kW temperature control unit (TCU). The TCU benefits from an advanced C8 controller to provide instant process data and features ‘recipe control’ to help automate production temperatures depending on the product being produced – making it an ideal solution for food manufacturers.

The Result

The fully-packaged, energy efficient i-Chiller and i-Temp units were available off-the-shelf for ‘plug and play’ and were able to more  effectively manage the multiple heating and cooling processes involved in mass market food production and deliver precise temperatures. By utilising the recipe control feature on C8 controller, the client was able to minimise wastage and more effectively maintain product consistency and quality.

[testimonial name=“ICS Cool Energy“]“It’s now possible to have effective, energy efficient temperature control along with accurate and balanced recipe control for added peace of mind and product consistency,”


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