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Aktualisiert: Januar 30, 2017

Redefining efficiency for leading metal coating company

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The Challenge

An innovator of advanced metal coatings, with a growing global order book now has a robust and highly controllable multipurpose cooling solution to control three coatings chambers where process temperatures can exceed 450°C.

The Solution

The lifetime of metal parts within an industrial process is extended with an advanced metal coating process that results in temperatures in excess of 450°C. Not only did the company need an effective cooling solution, the system needed a back up and be quiet in operation due to the proximity of neighbours.

The existing system was redesigned by ICS Cool Energy’s engineers to include a new 40kW air cooled iC410, with an additional back-up chiller operating with mains to drain water.

  • System re-design
  • Complete 24/7 back up cooling
  • Noise reducing solution
  • 40kW Air Cooled iC410
  • Additional 24/7 back up chiller
  • Complete on site commissioning

The class-leading i-Chiller range offers fast customisation of standard models which can be customised for different processes.

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The Result

The new system was effectively split into two halves, with two coating chambers being served by existing ICS Cool Energy chillers, and the third new coating chamber with three other processes being served by the new chiller. The backup chiller was linked to both systems and a new control panel added that will start the back-up system in the event of a breakdown, ensuring the product quality is protected.

Following its successful installation ICS Cool Energy commented; “We were delighted to deliver a multipurpose cooling solution that really does work hard and efficiently. With the integration of our new IC410 with the existing system, there are now highly advanced levels of control for this customer.”

[testimonial name=“ICS Cool Energy“]We brought together a solution that means the new chamber and the two existing chambers are now controlled from one central point, with a default back up.”[/testimonial]

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