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Aktualisiert: November 9, 2016

Space saving flat-pack solutions for university of Bristol

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The Challenge

Space – or the lack of it – is one of the major headaches for facilities managers responsible for temperature control systems. But add in the need for high performance, low systems maintenance, energy efficiency and it’s clear that a solutions partner needs to bring ‘joined up thinking’ which is exactly what ICS Cool Energy delivered for the University of Bristol.

The Solution

The temperature control solution had to meet the university site team’s five demanding specifications including; restricted space, low noise, low carbon and high efficiency and of course offering the best all- round value.

The most immediate consideration was that the university’s access point was simply too narrow to permit the delivery of large equipment. And the proximity and layout of the surrounding buildings ruled out the use of a crane to lift and then place the equipment in the selected location.


• Flat pack chiller solution for on-site assembly

• High efficiency and low noise units

• Full project management and equipment build onsite


• High efficiency Aptus chiller AT SS CA 2061

• Low noise, just 52dB at 10 metres

• Flat pack chiller was supplied, for site assembly by the ICS Cool Energy technicians

The Result

Following a rigorous tender and specification process, ICS Cool Energy’s solution emerged as the clear winner.

ICS Cool Energy explained:

“For the university, space was the major issue but we are always having to crack all sorts of problems and there’s never an off the shelf answer. This project would have been impossible had we not been able to turn to our flat pack solution and build the equipment on site and without compromising on the required kW output either thanks to our highly engineered, high performance Aptus range.

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