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Aktualisiert: Januar 30, 2017

Spicing up temperature control for snacks

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The Challenge

Getting the heat into (and out of) spicy foods is an art form and of ICS Cool Energy added a special mix of temperature control solutions for a Far Eastern snack food producer to improve the quality of their mixing process.

The Solution

Producing around 30,000 food products every day, the manufacturer’s mixing process needs strict hygiene and temperature control to produce a consistently high quality product.

The process needs eight batches of water from the site’s water tank to add to the batter mix ever hour at 18°C. But high water temperatures meant the batter temperature was often reaching 50°C, causing major problems.

The plant room temperatures also could reach 32°C requiring a chiller that could comfortably manage process cooling with fault-free operation. The solution was fully integrated with a skid package and high efficiency 15kW i-Chiller to supply water at 1°C, cooling the tank water to 5°C.

  • Skid mounted package with washable GRP lined 350 litre insulated buffer tank
  • 15kW i-Chiller working with buffer tank via a plate heat exchanger
  • Full compliance with legislation
  • Energy efficient

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The Result

Following the installation, the site’s Chief Engineer said:
“The project was completed on time and to our specific requirements, allowing us to keep on top of our targets even throughout the summer which is a time when we’ve traditionally struggled. It has improved our process and does the job very well.”

ICS Cool Energy added:
“The final batter now reaches the desired temperatures of approximately 30°C with absolutely no skin formation – creating the desired product consistency. Our range of i-Chiller technology is leading the way offering the food industry a new standard in process cooling, making our solutions the prefect combination for processes that demand truly reliable temperatures.”

[testimonial name=“Manufacturer’s Chief Engineer“]The project was completed on time and to our specific requirements allowing us to keep on top of our production targets even during the summer which is a particularly challenging time.”[/testimonial]

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