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Aktualisiert: November 10, 2016

Stop Press! Rapid response for print production

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The Challenge

It was ‘stop press’ for a major printing company when the site’s chiller failed in the middle of the night. There was no essential cooling for the fast-turning rollers, putting the printer’s reputation at risk. But the ICS Cool Energy hire team stepped in fast and production was fully rolling again within just a few hours.

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The Solution

An air conditioning contractor had been providing the printer with a local service but had overlooked a number of serious factors which resulted in increasingly poor chiller performance as well as major system damage.

The extent of the damage was discovered by ICS Cool Energy’s service technician, one of a national team of fully trained and experienced specialists on call 24/7 from different locations around the UK. Working through the night, every problem revealed another.


  • Fast, same day response to a total breakdown
  • Assessment of the extent of the problem
  • Engineers worked day and night, restoring full operation within 18 hours


  • 300kW chiller on hire
  • Temporary duplex filtration system
  • Direct contact with the ICS Cool Energy technical team
  • 24hr maintenance included

The Result

Within just 18 hours of a major system failure, the ICS service and hire teams had a fully functioning system in operation up and running, allowing the printer to resume production.

The hire solution of chiller pump with the extra precaution of a duplex filtration system (ensuring the hire chiller would not be affected by the same debris that caused the original breakdown) was in place. Training was provided to the site’s in house team to enable them to stop and start the chiller, interrogate the controller and understand any alarms.


[testimonial name=“ICS Cool Energy“]We are problem-solvers, on call 24/7, no matter how severe the breakdown, we fix it as fast as possible.[/testimonial]

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