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Aktualisiert: Dezember 20, 2016

Whisky distillery gets a taste for temperature control

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The Challenge

The finest taste of Scotland is enjoyed worldwide thanks to the range of whisky distilleries where ICS Cool Energy helps with temperature control solutions. For one family-owned distillery, the latest investment in a new bottling line has a bespoke temperature control solution.

The Solution

To keep project costs to a minimum, ICS Cool Energy specified, installed and commissioned a low kW process chiller with a two stage counter ow heat exchanger, cleverly allowing the whisky to act as a cooling medium.

The i-Chiller i408 was selected from the industry-leading range that’s at the forefront of industrial cooling technology. The range provides energy-efficiency with capacities from 1.4kW up

to 230kW and the unit was installed as a complete package.

  • i-Chiller
  • Process pump and 140 litre integral buffer tank
  • Counter flow plate heat exchanger is separate from the chiller, offering protection from shock loads which are absorbed by the chiller tank.

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The Result

The distillery is committed to minimising waste and the solution means savings have been made on both energy and the equipment itself by utilising the whisky as a cooling medium within the process. The ongoing planned preventative maintenance programme also ensures that the investment in equipment is protected, with regular inspections and servicing to prolong its life.

In turn, this ensures that the risk of production downtime is minimised and maintenance costs are reduced. And of course, ICS Cool Energy’s total solution means that the independent family run business and lovers of fine malt whisky can keep tradition and enjoyment intact!

[testimonial name=“ICS Cool Energy“]Producing the very nest of single malts needs precision temperature control and we’re proud to have designed and delivered thousands of solutions for distilleries of all sizes. When it comes to whisky, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know and we’re very proud to be recommended by our customers.”[/testimonial]


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