150 Air Handler

150 Air Handler

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150 Air Handler

150 Air Handler

150KW Air Handler for hire

20,000m³/hr airflow
variable fan speed control

Our Air Handler 150 is a flexible single fan unit capable of offering 20,000m³/hr airflow.

The unit requires a water source to the integral coil and has quick-release water connections, together with a 32amp 3-phase power connection.

This 150kW air handler unit can be sited internally or externally and has 4x500mm spigots available for free blowing cool air or for connecting flexible ducting to provide cool air in additional areas up to 30metres.

The unit is also supplied with a condensate pump, boxed G4 pleated filters (BS EN 779) and a variable (frequency driven) fan speed control.

High capacity
Requires water source
Energy efficient


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150 Air Handler

150 Air Handler

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Cooling Capacity150 kW
Heating Capacity350 kW
Airflow20000 m³/hr
Fan Max Current22 A
Fan Electrical Connections32A 5-Pin CEE Plug
Supply Voltage400 V
Supply Phases3 pH
Supply Frequency50 Hz
Air Outlet ConnectionDucting Spigot
Fluid ConnectionsDN50, PN16 Flange


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