i-chiller process-max

i-Chiller Process Max

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i-Chiller Process Max

230kW - 343kW
-10°C to 30°C

Our i-Chiller Max range covers capacities between 230-343kW and is part of our leading range of process chillers designed exclusively for manufacturing. Unlike other units on the market, the i-Chiller range has been designed with process applications in mind from the ground up.

The units have a low footprint and have been designed to be “plug and play” to ensure compatibility with a large range of production lines out of the box.

5 year warranty

For complete assurance of quality

Fit for process

Coil in tank evaporator for industrial use

Plug & Play

Fully packaged & compact footprint


Components & expertise in depots

Easy maintenance

Well known with parts stocked in vans

Low risk

Over 4 decades of installs

The fully packaged process i-chiller

Our evaporator is a breakthrough in industrial applications, offering notable benefits and ensuring utmost peace of mind in even the most adverse and varying conditions.

  • High efficiency finned coil evaporator installed inside the storage tank, with copper tubes and aluminuim fins.
  • Hydraulic circuit includes integral 3-bar pump, drain valve, overflow & water pressure gauge and process
  • High quality scroll compressor Copper tube / aluminium fin condenser coils combined with axial condenser fans
  • Internal water bypass to protect pump against dead heading
  • Galvanised, epoxy coated carbon steel structure
  • Phase monitor to protect the unit against phase loss & reversal
  • Electrical panel protection rating
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