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Chiller Modifications


Whatever the application, we can design and build an optimum solution to meets your needs with our in-house modification team.

As the UK’s leading specialist in critical and process temperature control we have vast experience in creating the right bespoke solution across all critical and process markets and applications.

We understand some processes have specific requirements that cannot always be met with a standard specification chiller. We can fully design and make to order to your exact specifications, not just through modifications in a warehouse. Whether your application demands specific materials, duty, space or carbon footprint you can rely on us to produce it.

Our team test every single chiller in factory, and can offer FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests in person or via video), full turnkey installation services, SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) and commissioning as desired.


Pump (no pump, 3 bar, 5 bar, 3 bar run/standby, 5 bar run/standby)

Anti-flood back kit (solenoid and non-return valve)