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Solutions for trade customers


Ensure your customers’ processes are optimised and downtime minimised with an ICS Cool Energy trade account.  

Our comprehensive process temperature control product range is designed to enhance your portfolio and keep your customers’ operation running smoothly.


Utilise the latest refrigeration technologies for unrivaled cooling capacity, energy savings and reliability for process operations. 

Our advanced compressors and heat exchangers provide precise temperature control in a compact and cost-effective manner. 

The units are equipped with intelligent controls that optimise performance and energy usage. These controls constantly monitor the system’s operation and make real-time adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Super-fast turnaround

With our rapid turnaround times and streamlined processes, we ensure that from your initial enquiry, we can fulfill the required solution to your customer with same-day delivery.

Hire fleet availability 

We proudly offer our trade customers access to the largest process hire fleet in the UK, ensuring a wide range of cooling solutions that are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Reduce downtime

To complement your knowledge, our technical design team can help with complicated projects. Backed by years of experience, our team possesses extensive knowledge of all cooling systems.

Chillers in warehouse


If your customers are looking to replace old chillers, we manufacture the industry-leading i-Chiller that incorporates the latest cooling technology, ensuring improved efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.  

To simplify the installation process, our dedicated project team offers commissioning and pipework services to ensure a seamless integration of the new cooling equipment into the existing infrastructure.  

As we are the chiller manufacturer, we have direct access to spare parts, allowing us to promptly address any maintenance or repair needs, minimising downtime and maximising the lifespan of the cooling system.


Our certifications validate our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in our products and services. Our ISO Registration Certificates demonstrate our adherence to quality management systems, ensuring that we consistently deliver reliable and efficient cooling solutions.  

Additionally, our accreditations showcase our expertise and capabilities in supporting critical infrastructure sites, giving your customers the confidence that they are partnering with a trusted provider. 


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