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Veröffentlicht: März 29, 2017

New i-Chiller Compact, high efficiency compact chillers

High efficiency compact chillers with a small footprint. For industrial applications demanding high efficiency cooling from a small footprint, temperature control specialist, ICS Cool Energy, has introduced the i-Chiller Compact range.

The five model range of air cooled liquid industrial chillers, brings the compact models in ICS Cool Energy’s acclaimed high performance  i-Chiller range up to date. The variety of features and options includes stainless steel panels for food and laboratory applications as well as versions that provide highly accurate close temperature control to 0.5°C.

The i-Chiller Compact models have cooling capacities ranging from 1.4 to 4.8kW, making them suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications, with the whole i-Chiller range providing capacities up to 230kW. All models are equipped with a high efficiency finned coil evaporator installed within an atmospheric hydraulic storage tank and a non-ferrous hydraulic circuit. This ensures reliable operation in particularly challenging applications and with liquids containing impurities.

The i-Chiller Compact’s storage tank also provides optimum precision in temperature control, even if there are imbalances caused by sudden changes in load demand from the user. The operation of the compressor in highly stable conditions means the chiller can run with almost unvarying inlet temperature despite its surrounding conditions. Together with a constant water flow rate, this ensures the maximum lifetime of the compressor.

Users are also given optimum control with the addition of an XR60CX parametric microprocessor controller. This allows management of the i-Chiller Compact’s key functions such as outlet water temperature control, alarms and the user interface. Plus there’s added flexibility for installations as they only require a single phase power supply.

Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director at ICS Cool Energy, said: “The i-Chiller Compact range extends the flexibility and performance of our i-Chiller range, making the advanced performance features and benefits associated with larger chillers accessible to users requiring lower duties and/or where space is at a premium. And when time is at a premium, we have stock available and ready for prompt delivery.”

Compact chiller dimensions
All models in the range share compact dimensions with a width of 486mm and 660mm in length. The ICO8C, ICO3C and the ICO5C models stand 623mm high and the more powerful ICO8C and ICO10C models are still under a metre high at 876mm. The units are available in standard version with power supply dual frequency 230V/1Ph/50-60Hz (mod. IC02C – IC03C) and 230V/1Ph/50Hz (mod. IC05C – IC10C).

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