Updated: March 1, 2017

5 reasons to choose boiler hire – for local authorities

Press release – Hire.

With tight budgets and a fluctuating demand for heating and hot water throughout the year, local authority premises such as schools, libraries and social housing, can save a significant amount of energy and money by considering hiring heating equipment. While some local authorities install oversized heating systems to cope with peaks in demand throughout the year, others may have an older and unreliable heating system which is unable to cope. However, there are efficient and affordable ways to tackle the problems.

Russ Baker, UK Sales Director of the hire division at ICS Cool Energy, outlines five key tips for local authorities considering boiler hire as an alternative to an upfront purchase

1. Balancing the books

Hiring equipment means its associated costs can be kept off the balance sheet as the equipment doesn’t technically belong to the local authority. This can go a long way to finding a fast solution, especially when budgets are tight. Hiring equipment avoids capital expenditure which is an attractive option for businesses lacking the funds for large upfront costs of equipment. What’s more, hire packages tend to cover the cost of maintenance and repairs (in most circumstances), ensuring money is saved and freed up to spend elsewhere.

2. Planned maintenance

A hire solution is ideal for back-up cover when planned maintenance is taking place, such as in school holidays, and will provide peace of mind that normal operating conditions will be maintained while work is scheduled for existing equipment.

3. Contingency planning for emergency breakdown situations

You never know when an emergency may strike or what type of incident it may be. Being prepared is therefore very important and knowing the key contacts for hire solutions to meet heating and cooling needs should be an important component of a contingency plan for local authority sites.

4. Changes in demand

Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, fluctuating occupancy levels or additional demand for events such as hosting a sporting competition at a leisure centre, the need for heating and hot water in local authority buildings changes throughout the year. A hire solution can be installed to boost an existing heating system to ensure that any increase in demand is met, and the equipment can then be removed when it is no longer required. This can be arranged on a planned or emergency basis, with the equipment sized depending on the individual need.

5. Sustainable solutions

Maintaining consistent conditions in an efficient way is fast becoming a key priority for local authority buildings such as schools, as well as any facility which is coming under pressure to meet strict energy efficiency targets. Hire equipment tends to be the most efficient technology available, especially when compared with pre-existing and sometimes outdated installations, and is regularly maintained to ensure it is running at optimum performance.

With one contact for the supply and maintenance of temperature control, it is possible to source equipment that can cope with peaks in demand as well as the troughs. Whether on a planned or emergency basis, hire should be seriously considered by local authorities.

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