Don’t Fit and Forget – equipment servicing is essential


Temperature control for commercial buildings and offices is vital to controlling energy consumption, and delivering effective cooling to employees and business-critical applications, such as IT server rooms. Although recent years have witnessed a focus on building controls and their integration into the wider building management system (BMS), facilities managers can overlook the critical maintenance of … Read more

The Importance of Water Treatment

TM44 Inspection - The Importance of Water Treatment

Protect your production from downtime Your system water quality affects the longevity of your process equipment, parts and components. As soon as water starts running through your system, it’s changing the properties within, so it’s essential it is checked regularly and treated correctly. British Standard BS 8552:2012 recommends quarterly analysis of closed water systems, however … Read more

Get to grips with glycol – the hidden danger for food processing

After hygiene, precise temperature control is of vital importance for the food and beverage industries. It applies in terms of regulating the working environment as well as specific production processes – to ensure consistent quality throughout the year. But many manufacturers are mistakenly overlooking one element of their cooling systems. And this could pose a … Read more

The Importance of Being Prepared – 5 Top Tips

Top 5 tips for business continuity in the commercial building sector Planning for the worst can seem like a daunting task but understanding how your business and its facilities will cope in a disaster is incredibly important. Here Russ Baker, UK Sales Director of the hire division at ICS Cool Energy, outlines why a business … Read more