Updated: July 15, 2016

Com Cool – the latest high efficiency portable cooler

Leading temperature control specialists, ICS Cool Energy has launched a high-efficiency portable evaporative cooler to deliver fast and effective cooling to a variety of commercial workspaces, in the face of seasonal temperature spikes.

Available from ICS Cool Energy’s hire division, the robust new Com Cool evaporative cooling units join the largest and most comprehensive rental fleet that provides temporary, long term and emergency temperature control in all types of buildings and for manufacturing processes.

The unit’s tall, slim design, is thought to be an industry first and provides optimum distribution of cooled air over an area of up to 100m2 with no need for refrigerant gases so it’s a more environmentally-friendly option than conventional air conditioning. It’s also more convenient to use as it’s easy to move around and has a water tank with 30% more capacity than others on the market, reducing the need for frequent top ups.
Offering high volume air movement of 5,165m3/hr, the compact evaporative cooler is a freestanding unit that can direct cooler air in localised areas with the assistance of separate fans. The eco-friendly Com Cool unit uses a natural evaporative process to cool air without the use of refrigerants by directing the air over a large water-retaining filter pad.

Designed for fast rental installation and start-up, the Com Cool is capable of delivering effective cooling for a wide range of environments, including workshops, retail environments and for some events. The unit takes just minutes to install and only needs a standard 13a plug.

The Com Cool evaporative cooler holds a maximum of 90 litres, compared with the industry-standard of 40-60 litres and can even be connected to mains water supplies for automatic top up, so it is low maintenance as well as costing an average of around 20p per hour to run.

Russ Baker, UK Sales Director of the hire division at ICS Cool Energy, comments: “The Com Cool’s sustainable cooling process, versatility, and quick installation makes it the perfect addition to our diverse hire offering. The steel unit’s portable and lightweight design is effective and practical for a variety of settings, with the addition of castors and a robust stand means it’s easy to move around.”

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