Updated: February 8, 2017

Ecodesign Directive and Process Cooling – New laws

This article about the Ecodesign Directive first appeared as an exclusive feature in British Plastics & Rubber, February 2017.

With the next tranche of legislation (the Ecodesign Directive) affecting temperature control in the manufacturing industry due in 2018, it’s forcing manufacturers to take a close look at process systems to ensure future compliance. But there’s already a wide range of proven equipment that enables manufacturers to comply and make energy savings right now. Richard Metcalfe, sales director explains the options.

It will not have escaped any of us in manufacturing that the rolling programme of carbon reduction legislation is affecting both our personal lives and the environment in which we work. It’s ongoing and the talk this year for those of us in the manufacturing sector using process cooling is the next wave of legislation that comes into force on 1 January 2018.

It’s under the banner of the Ecodesign Directive which is about Energy Related Products (ERP) and is aimed at reducing carbon footprints in line with the Low Carbon road map to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The new legislation covers process cooling equipment that is to be rated with a SEPR (Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio). Tier 1 will be introduced on the 1st January 2018, with Tier 2 coming into effect on 1st January 2021.

Put simply, new temperature control equipment and systems purchased from the beginning of next year will need to meet stringent new levels of energy performance. While this may sound ominous (and expensive), it may come as a relief to know that it doesn’t have to be the case.

As a leading manufacturer, we’ve been at the forefront of ensuring that our proven product solutions already meet the precise performance demands of the manufacturing sector. And they are already ‘future fit’ – ensuring our customers can be confident of meeting and exceeding compliance.

So while the new legislation is likely to put decisions about temperature control solutions in the spotlight again, there’s no need for manufacturers to be concerned about future compliance. The technology is already here and when it comes to getting ahead of the game, it’s just a matter of choosing the right temperature control solutions partner.

i-Chiller – compliance with the Ecodesign Directive here and now

The acclaimed i-Chiller range set new standards in energy performance when it was introduced by ICS Cool Energy several years ago. Most importantly, it’s already compliant with the legislation that’s coming, with thousands of systems out there delivering reliable process cooling for the most challenging of environments.

With class-leading efficiency and in capacities of up to 230kW in stock, it’s a true workhorse designed specifically to cope with the demands of the plastics, rubber and process industries, backed by the confidence of a three year guarantee. Its robust and practical design includes a uniquely designed coil-in-tank evaporator, adapted for varying process load and diverse flow conditions while minimising pressure drops.

Call 0800 774 7426 to find out more about the Ecodesign Directive and our range of energy efficient, compliant process chillers.

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