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Why hire from ICS?

For emergencies

We’ll get you back up and running

When emergencies strike and your temperature control equipment breaks down, hiring equipment in the interim can help you to get back up and running again quickly.

Latest equipment
Up-to-date technology

With an average age of 1.4 years, our hire fleet is the very latest. We test our machines thoroughly before sending it out on hire – insuring you receive equipment that will not let you down.

Maintenance and service
24/7, year-round care

Regular servicing and necessary maintenance work is included in your hire contract. We ensure the correct balance of glycols are always used and we carry out maintenance checks and regular servicing.

For seasonal requirements

No seasonal emergencies

Hiring additional equipment during winter or summer months can make sure you do not experience any seasonal breakdowns.

Cashflow protection
No extra cost, no surprises

Keep your cash flow nice and healthy. Hiring your equipment means no capital expenditure is needed. You pay for the use of the equipment, not the capital tied up in it.

Remote monitoring
Avoid breakdowns before they occur

To make it even easier for our hire customers, we offer remote monitoring for all our hire chillers and hire boilers as an add on.

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Frequently asked questions

What is your experience in chiller hire?

We have completed over 30,000 projects in the last 30+ years through our dedicated hire team backed up by experience service engineers.

How large is your chiller hire fleet?

We have the largest hire temperature control fleet in Europe, with 500MW of chiller fleet available.

How do I know your chillers will be up to the job?

Our equipment is properly selected using 30 years’ experience and 30,000 projects worth of experience and it is thoroughly tested before every hire. Furthermore, technical support remains constant throughout the duration of the hire via telephone and site visit when required.

I need a chiller today, can you help?

Yes of course. We have hire chillers in stock across our depots available for immediate delivery to you.

Do you hire just the chiller?

No, we tailor each solution specifically to your business and needs. We start with a comprehensive site survey and then following delivery of the chiller to site, we can install, commission and take care of all maintenance of the chillers for you.

If I need Glycol, can you help?

Yes, we are able to provide a range of glycols and specialist secondary refrigeration mediums to suit your unique application requirements.

Do you hire ancillary items?

Yes, we offer a full range of ancillaries including fan coils, air-handling units, heat exchangers, pumps, buffer vessels, weir tanks, hoses and much more.

What happens if my requirements change during a long-term hire?

We know that cooling capacities can vary as your business evolves. We offer a unique flexibility to increase or decrease your cooling capacity at any point during a contract, ensuring you have what you need, when you need it.

What types of chillers do you hire?

We offer air-cooled, water-cooled, heat pump, low temperature and very low temperature chillers.

What cooling capacities do your chillers offer?

We have chillers that offer from 3kW up to 1.4MW of cooling.

How long can I hire a chiller for?

We have chillers to cover emergency breakdowns (a few days), seasonal requirements (months) or long-term requirements (many years). Long-term chiller hire is a fantastic alternative for the outlay required for capital purchase.

What industries do your chillers support?

Our chillers are designed with manufacturing in mind and ideal for various industries and applications, from food/beverage & chemical/pharmaceutical through to plastics, rubber and metal production. Our equipment is also ideal for hospitals, leisure industries and data centres, often pairing up a chiller with air handling units or low temperature fan coils for HVAC and space cooling requirements.

Do you offer contingency plans?

Absolutely, putting a cooling back-up plan in place to avoid future downtime because of breakdowns in vital. We can survey your site and offer a proposal on what we can offer. In the event you need to call upon on us urgently, you will save lots of time by having all this information to hand.

Do you provide maintenance and breakdown cover?

All hire chillers are thoroughly tested prior to despatch and commissioned by our own dedicated service engineers and benefit from ongoing preventative maintenance and breakdown cover 24/7/365.

What happens in my hire chiller breaks down?

We provide immediate response by telephone as triage. Many breakdowns can be quickly resolved over the phone and avoid the delay of waiting for engineer attendance. If a breakdown cannot be resolved over the phone, we provide a same day engineer visit. In the unlikely event that the engineer is unable to resolve the breakdown, we would endeavour to hire exchange as soon as possible.

What is a hire exchange?

In the unlikely event a chiller breaks down beyond repair on site, we would exchange this for a unit of similar specification and capacity.

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