Updated: June 15, 2016

Latest precision temperature control system i-Temp Plus

Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are set for an added performance boost with the launch of the i-Temp Plus range from leading temperature control specialists ICS Cool Energy, which offers precision-control of temperatures up to 400°C.

The new high capacity i-Temp Plus range guarantees precise multiple zone temperatures at every stage of manufacturing, from ingredient conditioning to packaging. It delivers an all-in-one solution with all components housed in a single robust unit, while offering the modular flexibility of a custom design.

Dave Palmer, Sales Director – Heater Division UK & Europe, at ICS Cool Energy said: “We understand the need for accurate control of the especially high working temperatures used in critical pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes. As many of the products produced in these industries can be life-critical, as well as having to meet stringent legislation, ensuring consistent product quality through precision temperature control is key.

“The new i-Temp Plus range can provide manufacturers with that extra peace of mind, as well as the assurance of a market leading brand, so quality can be closely controlled every step of the way, with full diagnostics at the user’s fingertips,” he added.

The units are compatible with oil, steam and water to ensure a flexible and extended working temperature range that’s adaptable for all types of individual process needs. Making efficient use of a manufacturer’s existing thermal energy system is a key benefit of the i-Temp Plus series, as it can use a site’s existing steam or hot oil ring main with its hybrid control capabilities.

The i-Temp Plus’s hybrid control allows the automatic usage of the energy required for heating and cooling from the end-user’s primary system via a heat exchanger, or by the direct injection of heat transfer fluid, with additional electrical immersion heating if required. Individual temperatures, pressures and flow rates can then be raised or lowered above or below the central plant source, providing a highly accurate process control that’s fine-tuned at the point of use.

Another key feature of the i-Temp Plus series is its C8 Advanced Controller which offers full diagnostics, reporting on alarms, flow monitoring and return temperatures. In addition it allows for “recipe storage and process management” for heating and cooling times which enhances automation.

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