Top 6 water treatment tips for your process chiller

Water Treatment and analysis

We have published a more recent article about water treatment tips, read on here. ———— Brent Hall, Technical Manager offers his top six tips for prolonging a chiller’s life to help keep it working as efficiently as possible. Chillers are the backbone of commercial and industrial cooling systems across the country. However, they are not … Read more

The Importance of Water Treatment

TM44 Inspection - The Importance of Water Treatment

Protect your production from downtime Your system water quality affects the longevity of your process equipment, parts and components. As soon as water starts running through your system, it’s changing the properties within, so it’s essential it is checked regularly and treated correctly. British Standard BS 8552:2012 recommends quarterly analysis of closed water systems, however … Read more

Ten Tips For Using Glycol in Chillers and Chilled Water Systems

Water Treatment and analysis

Never use automotive anti-freeze Automotive antifreeze is formulated for engine cooling and can cause problems with flow rates/ pressures and reduced heat transfer. Only use inhibited glycol Uninhibited glycol and water mixtures are very corrosive. Inhibitors protect against corrosion, scale and rust and act as a pH buffer and a biocide. Never use less than 20% Glycol, this will ensure … Read more

The Importance of Being Prepared – 5 Top Tips

Top 5 tips for business continuity in the commercial building sector Planning for the worst can seem like a daunting task but understanding how your business and its facilities will cope in a disaster is incredibly important. Here Russ Baker, UK Sales Director of the hire division at ICS Cool Energy, outlines why a business … Read more