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Published: June 27, 2024

Introducing i-Temp Compact eco.line – A new standard in energy efficient temperature control

We are proud to announce the expansion of our i-TEMP temperature control units (TCU) portfolio with the introduction of the eco.line series.

The new i-TEMP COMPACT eco.line units, currently the most efficient integrated TCUs on the market, are designed to meet the demanding requirements of plastic moulding processes and other industrial applications, offering exceptional energy efficiency and temperature management accuracy.

All eco.line models are equipped with pump efficiency module (PEM) as standard, controlling the speed of pumps and resulting in a particularly high level of energy efficiency.

Compared to conventional technologies with uncontrolled peripheral pumps, the eco.line solutions can achieve power savings of up to 92% directly translating into reduction in carbon emissions. Additionally, the compact eco.line systems utilise a “long-life” stainless-steel heating cartridge, and offer extensive range of interface and equipment options.

“The new eco.line series sets a new standard for sustainability, energy efficiency and user convenience in temperature control, with a focus on reducing our customers’ carbon emissions and optimising process conditions drives and shapes our offering.

The eco.line series delivers reliable temperature control and superior performance while significantly reducing energy consumption, thereby enhancing the stability and efficiency of our customers’ processes.”

Dave Palmer, General Manager

Key features

Unmatched Efficiency: eco.line TCUs feature high-efficiency centrifugal pumps with speed control, delivering up to 92% reductions in energy use and carbon emissions.

Advanced Control Systems: The units include the compactControl controller with a 7-inch multi-touch display, offering user-friendly operation and various pump speed control options for optimal performance.

Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness: eco.line’s significant reduction in electricity consumption leads to lower carbon footprints and operational cost savings. For eco.line unit with centrifugal pump in control mode (ΔT control), in a typical three-shift operation, under production conditions with the flow rate at 85l/min and heating capacity at 27kW: annual energy use can be as low as 1,160 kWh, providing notable cost and environmental benefits.

10 year guarantee on heating elements providing long-term reliability and peace of mind.

The i-TEMP range is manufactured specifically for ICS Cool Energy, with high quality German engineering, is simple to install and offers unrivalled temperature control on applications such as jacketed vessels, jacketed pipework and moulding machines.

The i-TEMP COMPACT base.line, high.line, eco.line and i-TEMP flex.line series offer a broad performance range, utilising a modular design with various combinations of heating and cooling elements to cater to a wide variety of applications such as plastics and composite processing, food processing, rubber extrusion, chemical, pharmaceutical and OEM manufacturing.

With both direct and indirect cooling options available, these water, steam to water and oil temperature control units come equipped with advanced controllers for accurate control and repeatability of process temperatures up to 400°C.

Training room temperature control unit

The new eco.line series and other TCUs are a key component in the ICS Cool Energy’s state-of-the-art training suite, recently launched at its facility in Totton. This lab is designed to provide hands-on training for technicians and customers, ensuring they gain practical expertise in the setup, installation, and maintenance of the equipment.

By incorporating real-life simulations and comprehensive educational resources, the training suite enables participants to fully understand and optimise the performance of their temperature control systems.

See our new range of Temperature Control Units >

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