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Updated: July 3, 2017

Manufacturing Summer Shutdown

Advantages of  a Manufacturing Summer Shutdown

For many, summertime means relaxing holidays. But for manufacturers, it can be a chance to take stock whilst production demand eases.

Many industrial businesses take advantage of “summer shutdowns” – a mandatory pause on operations which may seem like a risk to profits, but carried out effectively can help reduce costs in the long-term and boost productivity.

If you’ve considered and coordinated every detail – secured the right people, the right sequence, and the right products to get the job done, you can expect that your shutdown period will help you to keep efficient and ahead of the competition.

Managing capital equipment

New capital equipment often means a big investment, so dedicating time to installation outside of production will help you give it your full attention to calibrate and test it without compromising or interrupting production.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Trying to carry out maintenance during production can be tough, yet it’s vital to protect your investment in capital equipment which like anything is subject to wear-and-tear. Shutdown periods can help provide a solid window of time where equipment can be easily accessed.

Giving equipment regular attention can prolong its life and help prevent costly, unexpected repairs or replacements and often ensures your warranty remains protected too.

Ensuring you have fully qualified specialists to carry out your maintenance with access to high quality parts which may need replacing during this time is essential to meeting compliance and protecting your equipment from breakdown.

This is where we can help.

Process Cooling and Temperature Control

Our planned preventative maintenance programmes for process cooling and temperature control systems include over 100 point checks to ensure that all parts and components are in good working order, your system water is clean, correctly dosed with specially formulated glycol and you’re up to date with F Gas compliance.

Whether you’re having a summer shutdown or carrying on through, we can help you to ensure your process cooling and temperature control systems are well maintained, compliant and protected.

To find out more about our process cooling, temperature control or planned preventative maintenance solutions call 0800 774 7426 or email info@icscoolenergy.com

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