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Bijgewerkt: maart 17, 2017

A taste for the detail

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The Challenge

ICS Cool Energy’s hire team has a ‘taste for the detail’ when it comes to helping customers overcome a production breakdown. And for one leading mineral water producer, the hire team designed the optimum solution by taking into account not only the specifications for the chiller but other important details such as limited available power in a remote location and an uneven site.

The Solution

At a remote location in Wales, a chiller providing bottling line cooling for a leading mineral water brand failed, so the production flow was at a standstill.

Within hours of the call-out, Hire Sales Engineer Lee Duke was on site and the same day survey, spec and quote accounted for a complex set of challenges. The existing failed chiller was inside the plant room taking up all available space, the power supply was limited, access to the site was limited and the only place a temporary chiller could be sited was uneven.

But quick thinking meant that by the following morning, ICS Cool Energy’s team delivered a chiller 135 and a full package of hoses, fittings and the vitally important high pressure pump to ensure optimal system performance. The power source from the plant room was extended as the temporary chiller had to be located externally. And to ensure the chiller was level, ICS Cool Energy also supplied levelling blocks to tackle the uneven ground.

The Result

Careful planning and site assessment meant that as soon as the equipment arrived on site, there was nothing to delay the installation as everything needed was available and included with the delivery.

The installation and commissioning was carried out within just two hours, allowing the production of one of our favourite mineral waters to return to normal.

The 12 week hire solution took the pressure off the need for any rushed and temporary repairs to the existing equipment, allowing the site team time to explore the best longer term temperature control needs with a permanent ICS Cool Energy solution.

  • Equipment on site and installed within 2 hours
  • Full working solution buys time to evaluate best long term options
  • Fast rescue to restore full production within one day

[testimonial name=”Lee Duke, Sales Engineer, Hire “]”A prompt rescue operation relies on so much more than delivering temperature control equipment as so many other factors come into play. In this case, we even brought in levelling equipment so the chiller was able to function at full capacity on an uneven site.”[/testimonial]

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