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Bijgewerkt: januari 31, 2017

Adiabatic cooling cuts cost of production

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The Challenge

Adiabatic cooling is the sustainable alternative to cooling towers that not only save on water and energy but also protect against legionella – the ideal solution for an award-winning independent ice cream producer in Yorkshire.

The Solution

An independent ice cream producer wanted an efficient replacement for its three cooling towers which were beginning to fail, with maintenance costs mounting, affecting margins.

ICS Cool Energy recommended the system be replaced with adiabatic coolers which only uses mains cold water when high ambient temperatures demand higher levels of cooling. The capital cost of an adiabatic cooler and its first 25 years of water consumption is typically considerably less than the first year of water consumption of a cooling tower.

The new 300kW system is on site, providing a maximum return temperature of 40°C in their ambient conditions of 30°C, providing the cooling process with a cost effective control solution.

  • 300kW adiabatic cooling system providing free cooling during cooler weather
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Legionella protection

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The Result

Richard Metcalfe said: “Adiabatic coolers are the most sustainable, legionella- proof alternative to traditional cooling towers. Thanks to the system’s efficient water-saving properties, businesses can also achieve thousands of pounds in savings.”

How adiabatic cooling works
Spay cooling and water use kicks in when the ambient temperature is too high to use cooled air. The units produce small droplets of water between 50 and 100 microns which cannot support bacteria growth. The system also features a UV disinfection system as a failsafe to kill off any traces getting into the system, further minimising the risk to health.

Benefits and results of using an Adiabatic Cooler:

  • Save thousands of pounds in running costs
  • Industrial water saving
  • Does not require further chemical treatment
  • Energy efficient cooling
  • Legionella prevention

[testimonial name=”Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director”]”This is a system that saves water and increases efficiencies, providing a sustainable means of boosting a company’s green credentials.”[/testimonial]

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