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Bijgewerkt: april 1, 2019


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The Challenge

Food manufacturers and their processes are required to meet stringent hygiene and quality standards to ensure that the customers are kept safe and satisfied with their products. Manufacturing food products requires specialised equipment – often unique to each product line, that can deliver precise temperatures on the right schedule automatically. Imprecise and fluctuating temperatures can spoil entire batches of food and waste large amounts of money.

A Peterborough based automation specialist and food equipment manufacturer required cooling to reduce the temperature of jacketed vessel-based food tumbler equipment that it was building due to a specific project presented by one of its customers.

The Solution

After consulting with the machinery manufacturer and understanding the application and capacity the equipment was required to handle, the ICS Cool Energy engineer recommended an Aptus chiller for the manufacturer’s needs. Able to cover a temperature range from -12°C to 20°C and designed with process cooling in mind, the Aptus meets the precise requirements of the food industry. The Aptus range also has the added advantage of not requiring glycol on it’s free cooling models, removing the need for considerations about food safety.

The Result

The manufacturer decided to use the 100kW Low Noise version of the Aptus unit for its equipment after reviewing the engineer’s proposal. The units are used to cool the buffer tank in the equipment to keep the temperatures within acceptable tolerance. The End User also benefits from increased energy efficiency, saving them further on energy costs used in production when compared to it’s previous equipment.

“The food industry is governed by stringent laws and regulations. Through a consultative approach, we are able to provide energy efficient temperature control solutions to help our clients meet them.”

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