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Bijgewerkt: april 26, 2017

Cooling is a serious game for events

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The Challenge

ICS Cool Energy’s temperature control solutions are widely used at events across Europe and helped keep the temperatures cool as the action heated up at the Intel Extreme Masters, the longest-running global pro-gaming tour in the world. With live streaming from an arena to over 34 million people, the event’s transmission rooms and equipment needed to be kept cool.

The Solution

With the eyes of millions of keen gamers worldwide on an event in Germany attended by 113,000, effective cooling for the temporary broadcasting facilities to keep the equipment and people functioning at their best was essential.

Event organisers adapted special areas within the large arena venue for the broadcast and competitor booths to keep them secure and although the main arena has air conditioning, the heat generated by the electrical equipment and the confined spaces needed additional spot cooling.

Eight 7.5kW Cool Climas were installed in the broadcast suite to provide effective air conditioning, selected for their low noise and compact size and large volume air movement ability of 1,450m3/hr. The players were kept comfortable in the booths by Spot Coolers which were placed outside the booths to avoid any noise distractions, with cooled, fresh air delivered by flexible tubing.

The Result

ICS Cool Energy’s hire solutions have been relied upon for heating and cooling at thousands of events across Europe for nearly 30 years – from major tournaments and concerts to ice rinks, festivals, film and TV sets and marquees.

The expert hire teams will not only design, deliver and install the solution but will also arrange for fuel deliveries if a generator is needed and be on hand if required as well as on call 24/7 in the event of an emergency.

The product range includes large chillers and powerful heaters when large spaces need to be kept comfortable, portable air conditioners and individual coolers that are ideal for keeping event organiser areas comfortable as well as breakout rooms. And for event catering there is also a range of modular cold stores.

[testimonial name=”

Russ Baker, Sales Director Hire

“]”Events are high pressure with no scope for failure and that’s why thousands of organisers demand our most robust heating and cooling solutions as they are delivered with the experience of making thousands of events work.” [/testimonial]

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