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Bijgewerkt: november 9, 2016

Critical Cooling for Clean Rooms

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The Challenge

A leading research university in the UK, with an established biomedical research centre and an emphasis on scientific research and development, had an important expansion programme. ICS Cool Energy was called in to design and deliver the most efficient cooling solution for the new physics department and associated clean room.

The Solution

ICS Cool Energy’s Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units are intelligently designed for a wide range of applications where precision is essential such as: data centres, medical operating theatres and clean room environments.

The powerful 25kW IPi-D 308 CRAC unit has the ability to provide both heating and cooling for the university’s laser application which requires the environment to be kept at a constant, steady temperature. The unit uses intelligent inverter technology so there’s no need for large heating elements in the ductwork which adds significant energy savings. This was the best solution for the university’s new physics department as the water temperature affects the accuracy of the laser.

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The Result

ICS Cool Energy’s CRAC unit offers precise temperature control as well as the application’s close air and humidity control – essential in delivering the high performance needed in the pioneering research centre.

Following the installation, ICS Cool Energy’s Company Director, Adam Spolnik commented: “We have a longstanding relationship with this university’s facilities team, and we were pleased to supply them with a critical cooling package for their expanding campus. Our CRAC unit will not only ensure that their critical laser application is kept at a steady temperature, but also provide significant cost and energy savings long into the foreseeable future.”

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[testimonial name=”Adam Spolnik, Director ICS Cool Energy”] The facilities team always demands integrated solutions that take into account the detail as well as the big picture.[/testimonial]

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