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Bijgewerkt: november 10, 2016

A cut above with laser cooling hire solutions

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The Challenge

With lasers in widespread use, the high heat they generate is a constant challenge and one for which the ICS Cool Hire team provides short rapid response and long term solutions that keep the production rolling. With the industry’s most comprehensive range of products, there are solutions for all types of applications.

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Turnkey Solution

ICS Cool Energy leads the way in high performance, high precision technologies for the precise temperature control in the cooling process for all types of lasers and other technologies such as MRI and CT scanners to chemical and pharmaceutical processing.

Typical applications include laser processing, MRI and CT scanners, food production, microscope cooling, wide scope of machinery using de-mineralised water.

Designed to meet the business needs

  • Wide range of hire solutions and units
  • Special demineralised units for safety and performance
  • Hot gas by-pass for compressor control

Product Selection

  • Rapid response and solutions
  • Non-ferrous chillers and circuits
  • Units ranging from 10kW to 1,000kW

The Result – MRI Emergency

At a large and busy patient scanning facility in the South every MRI scanner is connected to a chiller that keeps each unit functioning at optimum capacity. The cooling to the unit is essential as chiller breakdown would result in the postponement of vital patient appointments, adding to admin for pressured staff as well as extra distress for the patients at what is usually an anxious time.

When the incumbent chiller broke down, an emergency response was needed when the in house team found the chiller to be beyond economic repair and patients were stacking up in the waiting room for their appointments at the scanner. It was ICS Cool Energy to the rescue, arriving on site within two hours of the call.

A rapid temporary solution to allow normal patient service to be resumed quickly and with the minimum of fuss was the goal. A ‘ready to go’ fully serviced hire chiller arrived on site and the faulty unit was disconnected and moved a few feet away. The rental unit was connected to the existing unit’s pipework, allowing a faster turnaround with minimal disruption. In fact all the pipework for the temporary unit was completed within 12 hours, allowing the unit to reopen with disruption minimised. The customer said “I have nothing but praise for the speed and efficiency of service that we received and the extra mile you went to achieve this”.


[testimonial name=”Tooling Specialist’s Managing Director”]We’ve been really pleased with the support and results including a reduction in call-outs, improved machine up-time as well as some unexpected benefits too.[/testimonial]

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