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Bijgewerkt: november 10, 2016

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The Challenge

ICS Cool Energy helps make the world work and keeping business on the move was vital for a world-leading tyre manufacturer reporting a critical fault in the temperature control system. An urgent solution was needed as the extruder machines need a set operational temperature of 120°C, to deliver the highest levels of product integrity.

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The Solution

ICS Cool Energy’s technical team moved into top gear when one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers experienced a fault on one of their temperature controllers. Following a full assessment of the site, its location access points as well as electrical drawings, a solution was designed to work with the existing system.
ICS Cool Energy supplied a fully packaged solution with easy operator control from one panel.

Powerful Solution

  • 4x 9kW i-Temp ci140t on a special skid which ‘talks to’ the existing extrusion machine
  • Self-optimising C8 Advanced Controller which shows trends and monitors process temperatures and flow rates for high level accuracy

The Result

Within a short time-frame, the problem was assessed and a purpose-designed solution created by ICS Cool Energy’s technical team was up and running, restoring the ongoing integrity of production.

Tyre extrusion is a continuous process in which the rubber compounds are conveyed by a ram or screw and forced to the shaping die to take the required component shape, requiring close temperature control at all times at a set temperature of 120°C for this customer.

High energy, high performance

  • Essential data is now supplied for validation and traceability purposes
  • The i-Temp units only heat using the exact amount of power required, saving on energy usage which significantly reduces operational costs compared with alternative steam systems


[testimonial name=”Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director”]“For our customers, there’s no margin for error when it comes to temperature control because ultimately no-one can afford to compromise on safety. It has to be accurate and consistent.”


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