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Bijgewerkt: november 9, 2016

Food Storage – Keeping the Army Marching

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The Challenge

With military precision, ICS Cool Energy’s hire team quick-marched into action when a frozen food storage unit at an army base failed, to rescue the thousands of pounds-worth of vital supplies that were at risk. The hire team’s response meant that no food was wasted and the problem was fixed the same day.

The Solution

Fortunately one of the army personnel on the base had worked with ICS Cool Energy before and knew exactly who to call. The first call was received by the hire administration team at 12.00 and it was rapidly determined that a Cool Store 306 was the ideal solution.

These are ideal for on-site chilling as well as frozen food storage with a temperature range of -25°C to +15°C. They are constructed from one-piece GRP panels for easy disinfection and cleaning with a non- slip floor.

The convenient access ramp meant that it required minimum human effort and time to transfer the frozen food supplies from the failed unit to the ICS Cool Energy cold store.

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The Result

With a 24/7 operation, ICS Cool Energy has a fleet of vehicles ready to go, backed by trusted logistics partners so transportation is prompt. By late afternoon that same day, the unit was positioned on site and commissioned by service engineer.

By 18.30 and just in time for dinner the storage unit was fully operational and cold and thanks to the ramp, it took the base’s staff just a few hours to ensure all the food was saved and protected. The ramp meant that the heavy food packages were able to be transported on pallets, avoiding the need for lifting individual boxes one by one into the store.

[stats_circle value=”0%”]Food wasted[/stats_circle][stats_circle value=”100%”]Food saved[/stats_circle]

[testimonial name=”Russ Baker Sales Director (Hire), 2016″] An army marches on its stomach so we’re really proud we helped ensure the uninterrupted supply of food for the troops on this base.[/testimonial]

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