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Bijgewerkt: december 20, 2016

Free cooling for plastics recycling

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The Challenge

Equipment and ongoing maintenance service was needed by the UK’s largest plastics recycler with the addition of a new wash plant needing not only efficient cooling but also with the lowest possible carbon footprint. And ICS Cool Energy delivered a solution that also provided up to 70% energy savings.

The Solution

Waste is big business and for Britain’s leading plastics recycler, sustainability is a core philosophy. A new wash plant needed ICS Cool Energy’s optimum solution to deliver a high quality process, with energy savings.

An Aptus chiller capable of extracting 220.1kW at the company’s temperature conditions with rotary scroll compressors and twin refrigerant circuits is one of the most efficient chillers on the market. Its unique air blast free cooling capability uses freely available eternal air temperatures for cooling and when fully engaged in the winter months it means the chiller’s compressors don’t need power, providing rapid system payback and energy cost savings of up to 70%.

The chiller and air blast cooler was crane-lifted into position, along with a 1,500 litre weir tank.

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The Result

Richard Metcalfe, ICS Cool Energy’s sales director said: “With potential reductions in energy costs of up to 70%, the new cooling system promises to benefit this customer’s business in the face of future environmental pressures and ever-increasing overheads. It’s the perfect example of how new technologies help businesses deliver their ethical promises and it makes good business sense too.”

ICS Cool Energy also provides planned preventative maintenance through a comprehensive three year plan, ensuring the equipment is regularly inspected, tested and maintained by one of our expert engineers, providing peace of mind for production managers in the knowledge that the equipment is looked after.

[testimonial name=”Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director”]This is the perfect example of new technologies delivering real business benefits of up to 70% energy savings using freely available natural resources.”[/testimonial]


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