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Bijgewerkt: februari 27, 2017

Free cooling retro-fit in the pipeline for plastics

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The Challenge

A leading international manufacturer of plumbing, heating and drainage systems for the construction industry has tapped into the benefits of free cooling – using freely available energy in a new system created with upgraded existing equipment.

The Solution

As a champion for sustainability, the company needed an efficient and ‘green’ temperature control solution. And ICS Cool Energy created a plan that not only used the latest technologies but also minimised waste by transforming and upgrading some of the existing equipment on site.

In a creative solution, three of the site’s existing 250kW dry air coolers were adapted into free cooling coils, allowing the temperature control system to use free cooling technology that frequently reduces energy bills by 70% as well as longer working life for the equipment.

The controls for thte units were retro-fitted and fully integrated the system, the newly developed solution was commissioned by ICS Cool Energy’s Service Division, carefully planned to minimise impact om production.

The Result

Richard Metcalfe Sales Director said:

“Thanks to the environmentally-sustainable power of free cooling technology, the outright cost of the upgrade would be completely recouped within just 2 years, providing the firm with the most financially viable of turnkey solutions. The proposition to retrofit their existing facilities was one that suited perfectly as it not only minimised downtime but it also made the best use of the systems already on site, getting the most out of kit that would have previously been redundant.”

The option of integrating energy efficient free cooling technology into their existing processes was particularly suitable as it revitalised their facility’s capability as well as being sustainable.”

[testimonial name=”Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director “]”Thanks to the environmentally-sustainable technology, the cost of the upgrade was recouped within just 2 years.”[/testimonial]

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