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Bijgewerkt: november 10, 2016

Green light for plastics £20k energy savings

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The Challenge

PrimePac, is a plastics manufacturer supplying packaging products for leading international household brands found in thousands of national retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Boots and B&Q. With an expansion programme to increase production requiring an additional 25% cooling capacity and a need for increased energy savings, ICS Cool Energy delivered all that and more.

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The Solution

A new, free cooling system starts operating when the ambient temperature reaches 12°C or lower and is especially hardworking and efficient in cooler climates.

In addition to the new system, the ICS Cool Energy team brought extra financial benefits by identifying and assisting with the application for a full interest-free loan of £80,000 from the Carbon Trust NI. The fully rounded business solution, plus ease of access to available funding is why PrimePac decided to place the order with ICS Cool Energy.

Project highlights

  • New ‘A’ rated Aptus chiller plus a free cooling unit, offering low noise operation
  • Local office 24/7 breakdown service.
  • Service maintenance contract
  • A green light in the factory shows when the free cooling is working

The Result

In the first full year of operation at PrimePac, the free cooling has operated for over 4,600 hours, representing 55% of the total cooling system’s working hours. It provides energy savings as well as a reduction in compressor operating hours which helps to prolong the life of the chiller.

“What was really helpful for us as a business is the practical attention to all the details including the Carbon Trust NI funding. That’s real added value and offered us substantial savings. It’s why ICS Cool Energy is our partner,” said Eddie Rath.

Impressive results

  • Savings of estd £20,000 in first year of operation
  • Free cooling and approx. 60% energy savings
  • Payback anticipated within two years
  • Interest-free loan via Carbon Trust funding


[stats_circle value=”25%”]Additional cooling capacity if required [/stats_circle][stats_circle value=”60%”]Energy savings[/stats_circle]

[testimonial name=”Eddie Rath, PrimePac’s Managing Director”]“We know and trust ICS Cool Energy. The free cooling option offers what we need and although it’s difficult to get a precise handle on costs, annual savings of £20,000 a year is realistic,”[/testimonial]

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