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Bijgewerkt: november 9, 2016

Hire takes the heat out of a shopping experience

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The Challenge

The situation was getting ‘hot hot hot’ at a major shopping destination in the north of England when the main air conditioning system failed during a heatwave. With temperatures rising, it was time to call in the experts and ICS Cool Energy’s specialist hire team raced to the rescue with a full turnkey solution that took the heat out of the situation, fast.

The Solution

Facing a long wait for parts and a total of 16 weeks to undertake a major system repair, there was no time to lose for the centre’s professional chiller service contractor. Keeping comfortable temperatures in a busy retail environment with customers and major retail brands was the top priority.

ICS Cool Energy was on site within hours and provided full project management, working closely with the facilities team.


• A 1.4mW water cooled chiller so worked with the site’s own system.

• The chiller’s location was chosen carefully to allow access to the plant room and use the minimum of parking spaces. It was secured with fencing and noise reducing panels.

• A specialist diamond drilling contractor ran large flexible hoses ran from the building’s chilled water and condensed water ring mains to the hire chiller.

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The Result

ICS Cool Energy’s solution ran faultlessly for 16 weeks, needing no maintenance work or adjustments, maintaining the shopping centre’s comfort levels and buying time for the facility’s contractor to complete the essential remedial works. Russ Baker, Hire’s UK Sales Director said “A good site survey backed up by careful planning and first class project management was key.

“All parties understood their role and worked together to achieve a result we can all be proud of. The hire chiller didn’t miss a beat throughout the hire period and the service contractor was able to complete repairs and reinstate the permanent chiller without the shoppers knowing there was a major engineering operation going on underneath their feet.”

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[testimonial name=”Russ Baker, Sales Director, Hire, 2016″]First class project management was key to delivering this complex installation, all without the shoppers knowing.” [/testimonial]

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