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Bijgewerkt: februari 21, 2017

HVAC cooling and comfort in the north sea

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The Challenge

HVAC cooling is extra challenging when it’s on an oil field platform miles from the nearest land but that’s all in a day’s work for the ICS Cool Energy team, with the completion of a recent project to provide a robust, durable comfort HVAC solution for the rig’s workforce.

The Solution

On a busy oil field in North Sea, 24km off shore, operating around the clock, people comfort in the accommodation units is a priority, along with health and safety.

The Beatrice Field is capable of producing 1,800 barrels of oil per day and extra demand for drilling on site meant an additional accommodation unit was needed for the rig’s personnel to provide comfortable sleeping quarters and recreational areas.

With extensive experience in oil field applications, ICS Cool Energy was called in to provide the solution that ensures optimum comfort for the building’s occupants which is essential to maintaining health and well-being for the people working in challenging environments who are also aways form home for weeks and sometimes months at a time.

Engineer John Lowe who is based at ICS Cool Energy’s Scotland office surveyed the site and the full package included:

  • 2x TAE602 chillers
  • Special modifications to make the chillers run at 60Hz
  • Coating the condensers for added protection against the sea air
  • Design to accommodate the limited space available on site

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The Result

Following the successful installation of the units, the customer was very pleased with the solution and the accommodation facility is now fully functional. ICS Cool Energy has been established for nearly 30 years and has delivered over 30,000 successful projects for HVAC temperature control as well as for manufacturing processes. The systems are in operation in all types of HVAC environments from oil platforms in the North Sea to hotels, gyms and schools in city centres. Hiring temperature control systems can be for the short term for example to cover emergencies, seasonal temperature spikes or planned maintenance. It’s also a popular longer term option, allowing simple budgeting with no need for capital expenditure and it also means that the system’s maintenance is taken care of, with 24/7 back up.

[testimonial name=”Russ Baker, Sales Director, Hire”]”We’re accustomed to working in all types of challenging environments and we’ll adapt the system, our service and even the equipment so performance is not compromised even in the most aggressive of weather conditions.”[/testimonial]

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