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Bijgewerkt: februari 27, 2017

Injecting new efficiency into plastics production

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The Challenge

A cooling system at a leading plastics cable fastenings manufacturer was beginning to show signs of age, resulting in poor heat transfer and increased repairs costs. ICS Cool Energy delivered a total solution with bespoke mould heaters that’s enhanced performance and energy efficiency.

The Solution

The plastics fastening and fixing specialist now has 150 pressurised mould heaters for its expanding injection moulding process and ICS Cool Energy provided the total solution that delivers precise control and product quality, together with energy-efficient free cooling.

To reduce moulding times, ICS Cool Energy has provided bespoke mould heaters with custom pipework offering pressurised heating to achieve water temperatures of 140°C. A greater flow also boosts performance.

The hydraulic drives within the process are cooled using a free cooler that uses external ambient air temperatures, allowing the compressors to fully switch off in lower temperatures which not only saves energy but also extends the unit’s life expectancy.

The Result

Following the installation, Sales Director Richard Metcalfe said: “Since we began working with this customer in 2008, we have continually provided energy-efficient solutions to enhance their product offering and reduce overheads. We’re working to improving their process every step of the way and ensure it’s future-fit.”

Free cooling and the use of freely available natural resources for energy saving is gaining in popularity, especially within the plastics sector where rapid system paybacks and energy savings of 70% are regularly achieved. It enhances the energy credentials of a business and has proven to help to secure any available grant funding.

[testimonial name=”Richard Metcalfe, Sales Director “]”We’ve helped improve product quality and efficiency with faster mould cycle times as well as lower energy bills with free cooling.”[/testimonial]

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